Modular feather-light carbon-fiber components are what make this wonder of technology possible. What is more, the latest in LED technology, using 6W bulbs, gives you all the light you ever dreamed of. The 4-LED lamp puts out a combined total of 1940 lumens, while the 12-LED lamp puts out a full 5820 lumens. As a standard product, the Carbon Light comes in 2- LED, 4-LED, 6-LED, 8-LED and 12-LED versions. But thanks to its modular structure, countless other possibilities are available on request.


Modular structure in carbon fiber. Matte or glossy finish. 6W LED bulbs with spot, medium or wide optic versions available. 2-LED, 4-LED, 6-LED, 8-LED and 12-LED standard versions. 

Other configurations available on special request.

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